The Damn question!

The Damn Question.

You got a nice house?

Do you live in the city of Barcelona?

You have got a good job?

Do you have nice friends?

Do you go on great holidays?

To all of these questions I sure would answer yes, definitely I do.

But what does that really mean?

In a way these questions are just small directions to see if you can answer the main question, in a way they show the sideways next to the main road or part of the main road but not the complete view. Not to me.

The main road of life is the route you must follow continuously and sure sometimes you take a side road.

Nice to go on these side roads but it’s still the main road that counts.

Let’s be clear, it is definitely not that I didn’t see the good things in life.

I am more than thankful for the things I have achieved and maybe most of all proud because it meant to work hard to get to this point.

But for me there is still something in me that did not feel well, a certain unrest, a gut feeling.

Something inside me did not want to accept that the things I achieved up to now could be all there is.

How much I maybe even wanted it to be so.

Several times I was disappointed at myself and thought why can’t I just be happy and accept this life? This is what life is and has to offer, right?

But for me it is a yes and no. Yes because my life and career fit in the image we created for a success full life:

Working hard to achieve a good job, having a nice house that’s what we do it for, right?

And then meet the gorgeous and nice girlfriend and having a bunch of kids will be just a matter of time, right?

In the Netherlands we say ‘’Huisje boompje, beestje’’ Also known as the expected life.

Nothing wrong with it, not at all! But not for me, it does not seem right yet.

It just didn’t feel good. This is simply not what I want not in that way.

I don’t want to experience like every day goes by the same as the day before.

Like getting up every morning and climb in your mouse wheel to do your rounds.

We all know it: the alarmbuzz every Monday till Friday wake up at the same time, do some sport activities, go to work, get your groceries, make diner.

Time to go to bed, well maybe some Netflix before you fall asleep if it fits in your schedule.

Understand me correctly, I have nothing against this and I’m happy for the people who feel comfortable with a life like this

But to me personally, this doesn’t feel right. The Routine life, in a way it scares me and makes me feel locked up in the system.

It could be different, wouldn’t it? I think it can be, I know it can be.

Of course, if you have traveled for a long time, you have become used to a different perspective on life. A life that is less materialistic. More relevant are the different experiences and emotions. With ups and downs, sometimes even more extreme. Damn, how I liked that life.

I think everyone who has traveled for a long time understands what I mean.

Once when I cycled in Swiss I had a coffee at a nice small coffee shop. I saw a really cool quote written down on the wall. Normally I find all those quotes so cliche but this one really hit me:

'' You only need to answer the damn, but damn important question.

What I like to do in Life? And then start doing it! ''

Yeah great, BOOM more straight forward you will not get wisdom today.

And I am sure , actually it is just as simple as that. Find out what you really like in life and do it.

But to be frank, do you dare to seperate yourself from the rest of the crowd by doing what you think is worthfull to live for?

Do you dare to take the steps towards your own happiness?

How do you cope with the people who really don’t understand you and come up with emotional speeches and best advices to change your path.

Is it necessary? Does anyone have to understand what you really want?

The words “What I want” says enough right?: it’s what I want.

So that is what I am going to do.

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