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Imagine this; you quit your apartment iinn the centre of Barcelona, get rid of (almost) all material goods and say goodbye to friends and family for leaving by bike for a unknown period of time. The goal; cycling 40.008 kilometres (the distance to go around the world) to get confronted with yourself, but especially to go and enjoy the little things during this journey. Knowing you love a hot shower after a long day cycling through the rain, get energy from the sun warming your face, enjoy a clean towel and experience life in its purest form. For the Dutch guy Justin Wevers (26) this is not only a journey or a bike ride, it has become a way of life and something that suits him completely.

Acknowledging this lifestyle really fits him is something I noticed during our Friday afternoon meeting in El Gotico (Barcelona) where we talked for hours about life, the small things, the big things, about what really matters in life and about his brand ‘Justintravel’ just like his website.

I am not against society, it’s just that I am in favour of doing what you like to do.

Riding a bike through life?

The saying ‘biking through life’ didn’t always fit him. Although riding a bike is something he has always done. With divorced parents and his own quest in life during his puberty made him decide to ride his bike to go to his mother at the age of 14. She lived 140 kilometres away at the other side of The Netherlands. It also meant he saw himself sitting in front of a tent in Scotland where he would arrive by bike. During this sometimes really tough quest to find himself and his place on earth he started thinking more and more about finding a way of free living and wondered, even then, if his place to live would really be in the Netherlands. Then -at 18- his life started changing for the positive and he started to understandthat he was the one that could create his life in his own way. In 2014 Justin booked a one way ticket and left for Australia. In May of 2015 he left for New Zealand and cycled around the Northern and Southern Island. His first big journey on a bike.

He told me about the intensive way of living while cycling. “You feel every stroke of wind or drop of rain. You’ll experience everything more intense, being alone, the hardship, cold days and it challenges your self-confidence.” 3500 kilometres did Justin cycle in New Zealand, all by himself. It were the small things that motivated him to keep going, like a bus or a car that opened their window and the driver encouraging him along the way. But how hard it might have been, he knew, this is the life that suits me.

I love living in contrast, without white there’d be no black and without ugly there’d be no beautiful.

For the last 2 years Justin lived in Barcelona and was very successful with different international companies, but still he didn’t feel content. He knew beforehand what his days would be like and lived much less in contrast as he did during his travels. Justin decided to go cycling again, travelling by bike! On October 28 he left from San Sebastian aiming to cycle about 100-120 kilometres per day and really live the pure life.


Justin wants to show us the beautiful and pure life on his journey through his website and brand Justintravel. Remarkable campsites, very real experiences and pure emotions. And as he says himself; “Following your own path will always take you to your destiny. There are too many people that want to achieve according to society’s standards and other people’s expectations.” I totally agree with Justin on this. This interview with Justin inspired me to always keep doing what I really want to do.

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