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Cabin in the woods

I remember, in the old days, when we were planning a family holiday, the travel agency always gave us those thick holiday-organisation-books. One of Croatia, one of Italy and of course one of France. You could just turn the pages for hours, looking for the most suitable and fun campsite, do you remember?

I used to love this and had everything sorted out even before my parents got around to it. “Yes dad, this is a lovely campsite, it has 2 swimming pools with slides, we have to book this one, we can also eat pizza at the restaurant.”

This quality stayed as I grew older and I loved and love to spend hours working on looking for the best holiday destination, whether it’s for my own holiday or finding a holidayspot for a friend.

I am also a big fanatic in spending hours or sometimes days trying to find the best hotel or apartment to really enjoy shorts holidays and weekends off. Waste of time? I don’t agree, it is not something you do everytime, going off for a weekend or going on holiday. And most of all, I like the challenge. The challenge of finding the nicest, special and really worth your money spot.

Maybe I have developed into some kind of a holiday / campsite nerd. Knowing where to look for the best spots. I still do this with great pleasure, scrolling for hours through ratings and recommendations and just finding out what beautiful things all those destinations have to offer. For a long time I’d see myself working in tourism, maybe start my own a travel organisation? Who knows what might happen. Just-in-travel; what’s in a name.

Just-in-travel spots and reviews

I am going to share special experiences and places that I discover during my cycle journey. I’d like to start right away and take you to a little spot I found just over the border in Portugal.

I found this eco cabin on Airbnb and was pleasantly surprised about the price, because most of comparable accommodations normally are much more expensive. Of course I am staying there in early November, way out of the tourist season, but still.

Join me in having a look at the eco cabin at campsite Cepo Verde in Nature Reserve Montesinho in Portugal, enjoy the review and the pictures.

After a warm and personal direct contact with the owner himself,Telmo, I booked this place. A first contact is so important, because it offers an insight into the other person, the place and hospitality you can expect.

After a long day on the bike and really getting to know the Portuguese roads, which are significantly worse than the Spanish roads I can tell you, I arrived at the campsite at 4 o’clock. The last few kilometres meant some old-fashioned hard work, like Bauke Mollema (our Dutch national cycling hero) pushing the peddles with my entire body including the shaking shoulders. Stoempen it is.

The campsite is set in the middle of the beautiful and unspoilt nature reserve. Showing the beauty of the middle of the fall, overwhelmed by one colour being even brighter than the other and leaves like rose peddles on the floor just before a wedding night. Did they do this just for me?

After a nice and warm welcoming check-in I got to check out my accommodation. The cabin is set just in the shade of some very ancient pine-trees that still carry that nice scent.

A wonderful surprise for the price you have to pay, is that in this cabin, you are spoiled with bedlinen and towels. This was unexpected, I really thought I’d need my own little sleeping bag and fast drying little towels.

Next to the bedlinen and towels I got an extra key to a small bathroom only 5 metres away, what a luxury, what a luxury. Love it.

The bathroom is in great condition and belief it or not, within 10 seconds the water had a perfect temperature! That’s unique for Southern European campsites I can tell you.

And how about a kitchen? Well, the cabin doesn’t have one, but what you get in return is even better. You can light a fire in a designated area where you’ll feel like a king, when you als a real men light a big fire with the wood your gathered.

Admit, this is a dream for every man, a pure moment of happiness. Back to the basics, lighting your own fire, looking at it with pride and thinking; damn, that is one hell of a nice fire. And then cutting some vegetables with your pocket knife and let it boil in your -blackened by soot- little pan. Basic is so beautiful.

A tip: open a good bottle of wine, have a cold beer or do as I did and have a 30 cents wine carton and it’s perfect, right? Here you are in the middle of a wonderful piece of nature and with the sun setting next to you, boiling food on a fire you managed to build yourself. I really enjoy this. After doing the dishes you can quietly walk towards the cabin, using your flashlight. And after taking a warm shower you can jump into the comfy bed feeling tired and really satisfied. Some life!

And look at this, this is how you wake up after a long silent night.

Are you interested in this little diamond I found in the north east of beautiful Portugal? Message me and I’ll send you some information and tips on how to book this cottage.

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